The Heavenlies, a Place of Battle


In this sermon, you will hear the powerful word of God, through Pastor Charles Antwi; about the heavenlies, a place of battle. You will be given the scriptures and tools needed to be sensitive to the things of the spirit. We must understand that there is a continuous spiritual battle. Any who are not aware of this will be a victim. It is not God’s will for any of us to fall victim to the schemes of the enemy. Therefore, we must be spiritually connected to God’s kingdom knowledge.

We know that satan is a fallen angels who was destroyed by pride. Since then, there has been a battle over our souls. Thankfully, Jesus had paid the price for us all to be saved if we receive Him. Still, there are people who are blind folded by the craftiness of the enemy so there will be a battle until the coming of Christ again. Now, it is our duty to pray and battle of the lives of those around us and ourselves. With God we are given the strength to tread upon the scorpion and serpent. As a result, we will come to our expected end victorious, bringing God all the glory.


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