Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven


In this sermon, you will hear the powerful word of God, through Pastor Charles Antwi; about the keys to the kingdom of heaven. You will be given the scriptures and tools needed to obtain and maintain the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Our father in heaven is extremely aware of our needs here on earth and He has given us a standard to live by through our Lord Jesus Christ. Once we have come under the knowledge of God we will see that there is no longer any need to be anxious for anything in life.

God has given us these keys to live in this world as citizens of His heavenly kingdom. So we must know how to use the tools The Lord has given us to tap into spiritual blessings, live a life of ministry, and receive eternal life. Our keys are not keys to the kingdom, but keys to operate in the kingdom. This is why we have been given the Holy Spirit, a precious gift from our father in heaven.


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