Is Satan Stealing from You?


In this sermon, you will hear the powerful word of God, through Pastor Charles Antwi; asking, is satan stealing from you? You will be given the scriptures and tools needed to understand that satan is a theif and we must be sure he is not taking from our lives. If you discover that satan has been stealing from you. You will learn how to persue, overthrow, and recover all that is yours. It is possible to be just and careless. One very important kingdom principle is; give and you shall receive. Somehow the enemy can so easily deceive God’s people when it is time to give. So, we have to stop thinking that to give means to lose.

That is far from the truth. When we can give freely with the love of The Lord; God will have complete control of our posessions and satan can never steal from us again. God is a giver, so why wouldn’t He require that from His people? God commands us to give. God’s word states that it is far better to give than receive. He promises that we will be the lender and not the borrower. And, we must never forget that our Father has given us His only begotten Son. There is nothing we possess that is greater than our salvation. Be encouraged to understand the purpose of giving and keep the protection of God over you so that the enemy cannot take from you.



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