Humility Brings Greatness


In this sermon, you will hear the powerful word of God, through Pastor Charles Antwi; about how humility brings greatness. You will be given the scriptures and tools needed to obtain and maintain true humility in the sight of God. First, it is required to understand that humility defined by man is not the same as humility defined by God. God’s word says that we must humble ourselves as a child. Clearly, this is not what the world would tell us. What is pride in God’s eyes is the very thing that the world would identify as humility.

So the children of God must constantly be in prayer asking God for true humility according to His word. Although, we may have the big house, new car, nice clothing, faithful spouse, and so much more; we must stay humble and know it is not our doing. It is all God. Our duty on earth is to be more and more like Jesus Christ. He has power and dominion over all things, and still Jesus lived a life of humility.


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