A Godly home


In this sermon, you will hear the powerful word of God, through Pastor Charles Antwi; about a godly home. You will be given the scriptures and tools needed to understand what a godly home is. This special sermon has been created to celebrate our mothers. God has chosen a wife, husband, and children to build a godly home. There has to be submission and respect in fear of The Lord.

Husband and wife must have a mutual respect and understanding that building a godly home is a partnership. Everything that we do to our family is not directly to them, but it is to God. Therefore, we must look at our wife, husband, and children and know that whatever we do or say to them we will have to answer unto Almighty God. To have a godly home is to have peace, unity, and joy. The closer you are to the Father; you will be able to know how to respond and interact with your loved ones in a godly manner to have a godly home.



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